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"People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them"

When reading The Alchemist, this quote stuck with Wendy. She since has utilized her weekly online radio show, Indie Voice, as a way to encourage other creatives with her own message: "Please don't feel afraid or undeserving of your dream. Your dream is meant for YOU so go achieve it!"

The Indie Voice is Wendy's live online radio show broadcasted every Saturday at 5pm. It features exclusive interviews and performances by independent musicians, tips for success, motivation, and inspiration for artists and dreamers.

The purpose of the Indie Voice show is two-fold:

  1. To provide a resource for Artists who are looking to either start a project, in the middle of a project or have completed a project and want to know what’s next; and
  2. To motivate/inspire people to follow their dream – whatever that may be!

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Featured Artist Inquiries

We have all experienced a time when we wanted to give up because life happens and we can fall off track.  There is power in knowledge.  On Indie Voice, Wendy's special musical guests not only perform, but also share their triumphs, challenges, and experiences in the music industry, encouraging viewers to continue on their own journey through understanding that they are not alone.

Appearing on Indie Voice is a great way to contribute and make a difference while sharing your gifts to a worldwide audience!

Are you a musician interested on being showcased on Indie Voice?
Wendy is currently scheduling interviews for the remainder of the year.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in performing a 20 minute set and/or advertising on The Indie Voice? Our show reaches a worldwide audience and your unique, targeted contribution not only promotes your passion, but also helps us provide other quality opportunities to artists and creatives for free and low-cost.

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SoulFusion Magazine

Wendy first began the Indie Voice show in March 2014 as an audio/visual extension of her online publication, SoulFusion Magazine. She realized she had so much more to share with and learn from other artists and found the dynamic nature of visual radio a perfect way to expand her vision. Over 100 shows later with Featured Artists including industry leaders, Grammy-nominees, and a Grammy winner, needless to say — The rest is history!