The Music

Wendy R. Hicks was born into a family whose eclectic love of music exposed her to other music genres, as well as the soul and R&B classics. This is plainly evidenced in Wendy’s unique, “signature” style and allows Wendy to be at ease when performing with the legendary Charlie Hampton Trio or on various soundtracks, recordings and commercial projects.  Currently, she is working on her debut project, ‘A Woman’s Dream’, that shares stories of what women want in regards to relationships with a mate, family, career, life…their source of inspiration and intimate dreams.

The WENDY Project

Wendy's band, The WENDY Project, has performed at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown), had a solo performance at the grand opening of the historic Howard Theatre, and has graced various beautiful venues around the DC metropolitan area.  Wendy’s musical philosophy is simple and two-fold: Drop the mic when you leave the stage having given everything to your audience; and “Give voice to your heart’s message in music and it will heal.” Anyone who has experienced Wendy live can attest to that message.   Wendy says, “the stage offers the freedom of vulnerability and when you connect with at least one person, that’s pretty cool!” Wendy Hicks imbues her love for the art whenever she steps to the mic and has earned the unyielding respect and admiration of fans and industry veterans alike. 

Singer Wendy R. Hicks
The WENDY Project Band Members
Wendy Hicks singing at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington D.C.