Wendy Hicks, future Doctor of Business Administration, non-profit Executive Director

The Driven Philanthropist

Wendy is currently finishing one of her biggest milestones to date, the completion of her Doctorate in Business Administration.  She is super passionate about contributing to making a difference for independent artists by researching profitable solutions for marketing and distribution strategies.

She has formed her 501(c)(3) non-profit to mentor and influence the next generation of artists with the direction in which music is going.  Her vision is to develop programs and create workshops for songwriting, music production, understanding the business of music, and marketing – lead by music industry experts and celebrity guest artists.  Funding will be raised from concert proceeds and sponsorships.  Not minimizing or speaking negatively of the current quality of music, Wendy feels it is important if not imperative to play a part in helping to get music back to the positive, inspiring and feel good music that sparks great memories reminiscent of good times!  Music is universal, music is healing and music is powerful.  Now is the time to empower youth and equip up-and-coming artists with the tools necessary to release their creative energy!